Monday, January 17, 2011

Photography contest finalists!

It was so hard to pick only four pictures!! Everyone did such an amazing job! :D Here are the four finalists, and after you've looked at them you can go to the poll on the sidebar and vote which one you think is best!

First, we have a picture by Adam of My Father's World. I love this one! I think it looks so cold and mystical. As one who also lives in Texas, I know ice is RARE!! Amazing job, Adam!

Second, we have a picture by Bella Skye of Bella Skye Photography. This one is so beautiful! It makes me want to stand at the edge and watch the reflection of the world. It's so peaceful and quiet. Wonderful picture, Bella Skye!

And third, we have a wonderful picture by Alexis Nicole of Alexis Nicole Photography. Okay, I'm loving the reflection in the ornament, the contrast, everything. :D It looks amazing, Alexis!

And last but definitely not least, we have a beautiful photograph by Allison of Allie Dean Photographie. I love this one! It hardly ever snows in Texas, and I love the whole idea of glitter polar bears and mirror snowflakes! The composition is amazing; lovely job, Allison!

Amazing job, everyone!
So, now you need to vote!! *grins* The poll is on the sidebar, and it closes on the Tuesday the hurry and vote! :)

In His love and light,
Jessie Suzanne


  1. Yay! I actually made it to the finals :) I love the other pictures though!!

  2. I love Bella Skye's Picture it's so BEAUTIFUL all the others are AMAZING too!

  3. i love your blog! i'm homeschooled too - would you care to follow me? my blog is and my email is

  4. WOW I actually made it to the finals I did not think that would happen. :)


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